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Let's be Prepared for TNPSC Exam

The best way to prepare for Competitive Exams


Online Exams

Improve your skills with our online exam portal where you can get wide range of topics covered and be focused on your exam preparation

Stay Connected with groups

Our platform will get you connected with thousands of other like-minded aspirants. Let us make this group as a platform for knowledge sharing.

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Video Classes

We ensure that you get live and stored exclusive collection of video Tutorials which gives you the feel of interactive and one-on-one sessions

Model Questions

Plenty of model question papers which enables you to self evaluate your answering skills and asses the level of your competency.


No matter where you are.
We always let you know the latest updates of competitive exams Free tnpsc login and tnpsc website

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Sharing the knowledge is as good as sowing the seed. Share the content that you go through in our site with all your social media connectives. this is way to tnpsc

Arise! Awake! Shine! and donot stop until your goal is reached.

Aspirant reviews

it's been four months since I joined TNPSC Ayakudi. The website is really helped me to understand the exam better. Especially, the online exams which evaluate our potential and provide us the hope for improvement.
sasikumar testimonial
Sasi Kumar
Group 1 Aspirant
TNPSC AYAKUDI தளத்தில் வெளியாகும் பதிவுகள் TNPSC தேர்வுகளுக்கு தயாராகும் எனக்கு உபயோகமாக உள்ளது . online Test எனது answering skillsஐ நான் சுய மதிப்பீடு செய்து கொள்ள மிகவும் உதவியாக உள்ளது .
50-100 கேள்விகளை பதியாமல் தினமும் 10-20 கேள்விகள் பதிவது அன்றைக்கே அந்த கேள்விகளை படிக்க எளிதாக உள்ளது. மேலும் அந்த கேள்விகளுக்கு விரிவான விளக்கங்கள் சந்தேகத்தை தீர்ப்பதாக உள்ளது .
Group II Aspirant

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