RRB General Question With Answer 22.03.2018

RRB General Question With Answer 22.03.2018

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RRB General Question With Answer 22.03.2018

1. A moving object can come to rest only if it

(a) has a frictional force acting on it

(b) has no net force acting on it

(c) is completely isolated

(d) applies an impulse to something else

2. In which of the following are no work done by the force?

(a) A man walking upon a staircare

(b) A man carrying a bucket of water, walking on a level road with a uniform velocity

(c) A drop of rain falling vertically with a constant velocity

(d) A man whirling a stone tied to a string in circle with a constant speed

3.Two identical beakers are filled with water to the same level at 4°C. If one say A is heated while the other B is cooled, then

(a) Water level in A will rise

(b) Water level in A will fall

(c) Water level in B will rise

(d) Water level in A and B will rise

4. In a long spring which of the following type of waves can be generated

(a) Longitudinal only

(b) Transverse only

(c) Both longitudinal and transverse

(d) Electromagnetic only

5. At the moment dew formation starts on a cool night, the air

(a) Must loose all water vapour

(b) Must remain unsaturated

(c) Must get mixed up with some other vapour

(d) Must become saturated

6. Addition of oxygen to a compound is

(a) reduction

(b) oxidation

(c) neutralisation

(d) precipitation

7. A compound formed by the reaction of an acid with base is

(a) salt

(b) indicator

(c) vitamins

(d) All of these

8. Which of the following compounds is known as methyl ethyl ketone?

(a) CH3COCH3




9. Solder is an alloy of

(a) Cu, Mn and Ni

(b) Cu and Sn

(c) Sn and Pb

(d) Pb and Bi

10 Which one of the following is a chief ore of zinc?

(a) Calamine

(b) Zincite

(c) Zinc blend

(d) White vitriol

1. (a)
2. (b)
3. (d) At 4°C, water expands either it is cooled or heated.
4. (c)
5. (d)
6. (b)
7. (a)
8. (b)
9. (c)
10. (d)

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