RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Model Question 28.02.2018

RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Model Question 28.02.2018

RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Model Question

16. Artificial silk is called–

(a) Rayon

(b) Dacron

(c) Fibre glass

(d) Nylon

Ans : A


17. Dynamo converts–

(a) electrical energy into mechanical energy

(b) High voltage into low voltage

(c) Low voltage into high voltage

(d) Mechanical energy into electrical energy


Ans : D


18. The instrument used to measure the electric current is

(a) Barometer

(b) Altimeter

(c) Ammeter

(d) Anemometer


Ans : C


19. The best conductor of electricity is

(a) Aluminium

(b) Copper

(c) Iron

(d) Silver


Ans : D


20. Urea supplies– to the plants.

(a) Calcium

(b) Phosphorus

(c) Potassium

(d) Nitrogen


Ans : D


21. Mica is used in–

(a) Furnace

(b) Electric industry

(c) Steel Industry

(d) Glass Manufacturing


Ans : B


22. Which of the following is a physical change?

(a) Burning of cooking gas

(b) Fermentation of milk

(c) Digestion of food

(d) Dissolution of sugar in water


Ans : D


23. The chemical compound used in photography is

(a) Aluminium Hydroxide

(b) Silver Bromide

(c) Potassium Nitrate

(d) Sodium Chloride


Ans : B


24. What causes cholera?

(a) Bacteria

(b) Virus

(c) Fungus

(d) Algae

Ans : A


25. An apparatus for viewing objects lying above the eye level of the observer and whose direct vision is obstructed is known as–

(a) Photometer

(b) Periscope

(c) Planimeter

(d) Spectrometer


Ans : B


26. Which atom has only one electron?

(a) Potassium

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Oxygen

(d) Hydrogen


Ans : D


27. What the electrode that is connected to the negative pole of the battery is called?

(a) Cathode

(b) Electroplate

(c) Ion

(d) Anode


Ans : A


28. The organic acid present in vinegar is–

(a) butanoic acid

(b) propanoic acid

(c) methanoic acid

(d) ethanoic acid


Ans : B


29. Which of the following is an example of fossil fuel?

(a) Coke

(b) Natural gas

(c) Coal gas

(d) Producer gas


Ans : A


30. Water gas consists of

(a) a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen

(b) water vapour and coal dust

(c) a mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen

(d) water vapour and methane


Ans : A

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