RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Model Question 28.02.2018

RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Model Question

16. Artificial silk is called–

(a) Rayon

(b) Dacron

(c) Fibre glass

(d) Nylon

Ans : A


17. Dynamo converts–

(a) electrical energy into mechanical energy

(b) High voltage into low voltage

(c) Low voltage into high voltage

(d) Mechanical energy into electrical energy


Ans : D


18. The instrument used to measure the electric current is

(a) Barometer

(b) Altimeter

(c) Ammeter

(d) Anemometer


Ans : C


19. The best conductor of electricity is

(a) Aluminium

(b) Copper

(c) Iron

(d) Silver


Ans : D


20. Urea supplies– to the plants.

(a) Calcium

(b) Phosphorus

(c) Potassium

(d) Nitrogen


Ans : D


21. Mica is used in–

(a) Furnace

(b) Electric industry

(c) Steel Industry

(d) Glass Manufacturing


Ans : B


22. Which of the following is a physical change?

(a) Burning of cooking gas

(b) Fermentation of milk

(c) Digestion of food

(d) Dissolution of sugar in water


Ans : D


23. The chemical compound used in photography is

(a) Aluminium Hydroxide

(b) Silver Bromide

(c) Potassium Nitrate

(d) Sodium Chloride


Ans : B


24. What causes cholera?

(a) Bacteria

(b) Virus

(c) Fungus

(d) Algae

Ans : A


25. An apparatus for viewing objects lying above the eye level of the observer and whose direct vision is obstructed is known as–

(a) Photometer

(b) Periscope

(c) Planimeter

(d) Spectrometer


Ans : B


26. Which atom has only one electron?

(a) Potassium

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Oxygen

(d) Hydrogen


Ans : D


27. What the electrode that is connected to the negative pole of the battery is called?

(a) Cathode

(b) Electroplate

(c) Ion

(d) Anode


Ans : A


28. The organic acid present in vinegar is–

(a) butanoic acid

(b) propanoic acid

(c) methanoic acid

(d) ethanoic acid


Ans : B


29. Which of the following is an example of fossil fuel?

(a) Coke

(b) Natural gas

(c) Coal gas

(d) Producer gas


Ans : A


30. Water gas consists of

(a) a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen

(b) water vapour and coal dust

(c) a mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen

(d) water vapour and methane


Ans : A

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