India’s Foreign Policy Priorities with Russia and US

India’s Foreign Policy Priorities

India has always had good relations with Russia. In fact, India was the first country to give such a strong backing to Russia in its pursuit of Crimea by statingthat Russia has ‘legitimate interest’ in Ukraine. India is very intent on maintaining healthy relations with Moscow, but it should make sure it does not get dragged in the tiff between U.S and Russia. India’s unequivocal support to Putin surprised many in U.S. There are reasons to why India supports Russia: – around 70% of India’s arms imports are from Russia, Russia backed India when no one did – nuclear tests of 1974 and 1998, and having a genuine superpower as an ally can only be beneficial for the future and growth of the country. But, India needs to make sure that these increased economic ties with Russia are not just restricted to arms, nuclear or space programs.

Relations between USA and India, had a bit of a setback due to some incident like the Devyani Khobragade incident, with India being unhappy about how their diplomat was treated, and even a sincere apology was demanded. A peaceful resolution on the matter must be achieved so that these countries move on and look at the bigger picture. Relations between the countries, it seems, have largely been economic: backing of Pakistan by the U.S. and India’s support to Russia suggests the same. U.S. is a heavyweight on the international stage, and it even backed India’s inclusion in the U.N. Security Council. More steps need to be taken to forge healthy and cordial relations with the American government for improving India’s economy and stature. And, there should be better associations in terms of technology between the countries, as a lot of Indian companies depend on the U.S ones. Remember outsourcing! India is a giant in terms of technology, software industry and manpower; hence, having better economic ties with the U.S. is quintessential.

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