IBPS Banking Terminology & TNPSC Model Question 27.11.2016

23. The terms “bull” and “bear” are used in the :

(a) Bihar Government’s Animal Husbandry Department

(b) Income Tax Department

(c) CBI

(d) Stock Exchange

(e) None of these

24. We read a  ‘ECB’ in the financial newspapers. What is the full form of ECB?

(a) Essential Credit and Borrowing

(b) Essential Commercial Borrowing

(c) External Credit and Business

(d) External Commercial Borrowing

(e) None of these

25. Green Banking means

(a) financing of irrigation projects by banks

(b) development of forestry by banks

(c) financing of environment friendly projects by banks

(d) development of Railway by banks.

(e) None of these

26. DTAA stands for

(a) Direct Tariff Avoidance Agreement

(b) Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

(c) Direct Taxation Avoidance Agreement

(d) Double Tariff Avoidance Agreement

(e) None of these

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