Guide to Prepare for RRB ALP & Technician Exam

RRB ALP Preparation Guide for Mathematics:

Generally, Mathematics is considered to be a tough nut to crack in any examination as students, usually, assume this subject as their rival, but if you follow your basics then Mathematics is the easiest subject to score. Following are the very important tips to get good marks in the Mathematics section of the RRB ALP exam:

  • Evaluate your weak and strong points.
  • Mathematics is divided into two parts i.e. Calculation based questions and Theory based questions. Attempt the calculation bases questions first.
  • Avoid using ‘Let X’ in the question and try to solve them by tricks.
  • Always follow 50-50 rule i.e. 50% use of books and 50% practice.
  • Practice as much as you can to enhance your calculation speed.
  • Always try to solve the questions in the shortest way as your time will be saved.
  • Start solving those questions first which your are strong in.
  • Solve the arithmetic problems (Percentage and Profit & Loss etc.) by using the tricks that you have learnt and practised.

RRB ALP Preparation Guide for General Intelligence & Reasoning:

General Intelligence and Reasoning is one of the subjects in RRB ALP & Technician exam where there are chances to score 100% marks because this is the most scoring section and secondly, your practice and hard work will pay a lot. Following are the very important RRB ALP Exam tips:

  • The most important chapters to stress on are Analogy, Classification, Series, Coding-Decoding, Blood-Relation and Arithmetic Operation.
  • You should go for the problems based on series and arithmetic operations as they are comparatively easy to solve.
  • Practice the questions based on the above mentioned topics as much as you can.

RRB ALP Preparation Guide for General Science:

General Science section is very important and carries significant weightage in the RRB ALP and Technician exam. Following are the very important RRB ALP Exam tips:

  • Read newspapers on regular basis and make notes from the Science & Technology section.
  • Read magazines and journals that cover Science & Technology like Science Reporter etc
  • Make checklist of the important points pertaining to Physics, Chemistry and Biology in specific because maximum questions are asked from these three subjects. The table below shows the important chapters and sections of General Science for RRB ALP exam.



RRB ALP Preparation Guide for General Awareness:

  • Reading newspapers on regular basis is very important for this section.
  • Read good blogs and article online to get aware about what is going on in the world.
  • Read competitive magazines on regular basis.

Some Very Important and Useful Tips for RRB ALP Exam 2018:

  • Knowing the whole syllabus thoroughly is very important before you start preparing for any exam so, get well versed with the RRB ALP Exam 2018 syllabus before starting its preparation as this will help you in making strategies, time management schedule and analyse your strengths and weaknesses i.e. which part of the syllabus you are strong in and which part is to be worked upon.
  • You must analyse the RRB ALP Previous year papers to understand the exam pattern and changing trend of the ALP exam over the years. ALP previous year papers will also help you in finding out the topics on which the Railways Recruitment Board focuses on in the ALP exam.
  • Time management is a crucial factor which makes a difference between exam qualifiers and ordinary students therefore, you should manage your time is such a way that you are able to prepare your weak parts well and revise & practice your strong parts thoroughly. It is also essential for you to carve out time for rest, sleep and some entertainment because these factors are also very important to keep you focussed, calm and concentrated towards your exam.
  • Every exam requires hard work and so, the RRB ALP and Technician exam is no exception. You should study hard but in a smart way. By ‘smart way’, we mean to refer to a properly scheduled study plan with a balanced approach in a way wherein you can use your capabilities to the fullest to crack the RRB ALP Exam 2018. In this day and age, you should always remember a formula which is HARD WORD + SMART WORK = SUCCESS
  • Don’t make yourself overburdened by the exam pressure. Be calm & composed and have faith & confidence in your capabilities and hard work with a firm determination that you will definitely going to qualify the RRB ALP and Technician exam 2018. Self-motivation is the most important thing because this will always encourage you to chase your goal with the best of your calibre.
  • Practice RRB ALP mock test papers online to get acquainted with the exam pattern and to experience the real exam environment.
  • It is very important for you to revise whatever you have studied especially, the short-cuts, tricks and techniques for the RRB ALP exam on regular basis so that you do not forget them.
  • You can make your own short notes subject wise or in whatever way that is convenient and useful to you so as to revise them before taking the exam.
  • Since RRB ALP exam is a Computer Based Test therefore, you must practice solving RRB ALP practice setsand RRB ALP Mock tests as much as you can on computer as this will increase your problem solving speed along with high accuracy. This will also enhance your reading speed and will give you an edge in the upcoming RRB ALP exam.
  • Take the help of RRB ALP Study Materials.
  • Actively participate in online GK quizzes.

We believe that after following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to score good marks in the RRB ALP exam 2018 and will definitely qualify it.

We wish you all the luck for the upcoming Railways Recruitment Board Assistant Loco Pilot exam.

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