General Science Questions With Answer 20.03.2018

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General Science Questions With Answer


If distance covered by a particle is zero, what can you say about its displacement?

(a) It may or may not be zero

(b) It cannot be zero

(c) It is negative

(d) It must be zero

Answer : (d)


Distance covered by a particle is zero only when it is at rest. Therefore, its displacement must be zero.


Appliances based on heating effect of current work on

(a) only a.c.

(b) only d.c.

(c) both a.c. and d.c.

(d) none of these

Answer : (c)


heating effect both a.c. and d.c. can be used


As we go up in the atmosphere, the heights of the various regions are in the order

(a) ionosphere > troposphere > stratosphere

(b) ionosphere > stratosphere > troposphere

(c) troposphere > ionosphere > stratosphere

(d) stratosphere > troposphere > ionosphere

Answer : (b)


(i) Due to Ionosphere, we recieve signals on distant part of earth.

(ii) In troposphere, aeroplane flies.



When a drop of oil is spread on a water surface, it displays beautiful colours in daylight because of

(a) Dispersion of light

(b) Reflection of light

(c) Polarization of light

(d) Interference of light

Answer : (d)


The colours are seen due to interference of light. The colours seen in reflected light are complementry with the colours seen in transmitted light


A balloon filled with CO2 released on earth would (neglect viscosity of air)

(a) climb with an acceleration 9.8 m/s2

(b) fall with an acceleration 9.8 m/s2

(c) fall with a constant acceleration 3.4 m/s2

(d) fall with acceleration and then would attain a constant velocity

Answer : (c)


(c) If B is upthrust of air on balloon, and a is downward acceleration, then



What temperature is the same on celsius scale as well as on Fahrenheit scale?

(a) – 212°C

(b) – 40°C

(c) – 32°C

(d) 32°C

Answer : (b)



A water tank of height 10 m, completely filled with water is placed on a level ground. It has two holes one at 3 m and the other at 7 m from its base. The water ejecting from

(a) both the holes will fall at the same spot

(b) upper hole will fall farther than that from the lower hole

(c) upper hole will fall closer than that from the lower hole

(d) more information is required

Answer : (a)




If a liquid is heated in space under no gravity, the transfer of heat will take place by process of

(a) conduction

(b) convection

(c) radiation

(d) can not be heated in the absence of gravity

Answer : (c)


Morning sun is not so hot as the mid day sun because

(a) Sun is cooler in the morning

(b) Heat rays travel slowly is the morning

(c) It is God gift

(d) The sun’s rays travel a longer distance through atmosphere in the morning

Answer : (d)


The resistance of some substances become zero at very low temperature, then these substances are called

(a) good conductors

(b) super conductors

(c) bad conductors

(d) semi conductors

Answer : (b)

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