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Current Affairs Foreign Policy and Ayakudi Group IV Model Question

0 6 years ago
Current Affairs Foreign Policy and Ayakudi Group IV Model Question 1

The Bangladeshi government has recently enjoyed good support from India, and the same can be said about its relations with superpowers like Russia and China. Bangladesh plays a crucial geopolitical role, so having strong ties with it would help India to gain superiority in the region. Bangladesh though, seems to be playing it smart by not taking any sides at the moment: it tries to maintain good  relations with U.S., Russia and China, and its giant neighbour, India. India needs to make sure that an end can be put to the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.
The Pakistani terrorists must be stopped from using India-Bangladesh border as a pathway to India, and ensure that there are no illegal Bangladeshi workers in India.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is another South-Asian country which is not keen on taking sides. China is attempting to spread its influence to the country, something which would not please India. India has given Sri Lanka ample support over the years, and more of that needs to continue if India is concerned about not losing Sri Lanka to the West and China. There is also an opportunity for India to increase trades with Sri Lanka, and the Indian government needs to exploit the same. Commercial ties between India and Sri Lanka have been on the rise ever since the ‘free trade agreement’
was mutually signed in 2000. The National Thermal Power Corporation Limited has also managed to significantly up the commercial ties (two units each capable of producing 250 MW were set up in Sri Lanka). One major threat to the relations between the countries has been the fishing disputes. A number of Indian fishermen have been killed by Sri Lankan army because they allegedly entered the Sri Lankan territorial waters. Sri Lanka released 86 fishermen prior to Prime Minister Modi’s visit. It was the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister in 28 years after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. The visit was aimed at improving the relation with the island country as well as discussing increasing Chinese activities in Lanka.


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