Current Affairs English 20.04.2018

Which Arbian country has opened its first movie theater in 35 yrs, with “Black Panther”?

A. Egypt

B. Saudi Arabia

C. Morocco

D. Bahrain

Answer: Option B

This country wins six elections to UN Economic and Social Council bodies, recently.

A. Denmark

B. Canada

C. India

D. Germany

Answer: Option C

Who has become the first Indian filmmaker to have his wax statue at the Madame Tussauds museum in London?

A. Shyam Benegal

B. Anurag Kashyap

C. Mani Ratnam

D. Karan Johar

Answer: Option D

scientists from this country have formulated world’s first ayurvedic drug to cure dengue.

A. India

B. China



Answer: Option A

The Theme for World Heritage Day 2018 is ___________.

A. Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

B. Heritage of Sport

C. Heritage for Generations

D. Agricultural Heritage

Answer: Option C

Which city will host the India Skills Kerala 2018, as part of the World Skills India 2018?

A. Thiruvananthapuram

B. Kochi

C. Thrissur

D. Kollam

Answer: Option B

Who has been elected as the new president of the Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC)?

A. Huma Siddiqui

B. Shalini Bhardwaj

C. Manjari Chatrurvedi

D. T K Rajalakshmi

Answer: Option D

How many post offices have to be empowered as Payments Banks as per the report of Communications and Railways Minister Manoj Sinha?

A. 2 lakh

B. 2.55 lakh

C. 1 lakh

D. 1.55 lakh

Answer: Option D

Who of the following has launched DARPAN-PLI App which is helpful to collect for Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) policies at Branch Post Offices anywhere in India?

A. Shri Narendra Singh Tomar

B. Shri Manoj Sinha

C. Shri Radha Mohan Singh

D. Shri Uma Bharti

Answer: Option B

The full form of TESS a planet-hunting spacecraft of NASA is ___________.

A. Transient Exoplanet Survey Satellite

B. Transmit Exoplanet Survey Satellite

C. Transit Exoplanet Survey Satellite

D. Transitory Exoplanet Survey Satellite

Answer: Option C

Every year, 19th April was observed as the __________.

A. World Heart Day

B. World Liver Day

C. World Eye Day

D. World Kidney Day

Answer: Option B

This state has been announced as the Most Film Friendly State for its efforts towards easing filming in the state.

A. Punjab

B. Odisha

C. Rajasthan

D. Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option D

Which one among the following was the most-trusted bank according to the TRA Brand Trust Report 2018?

A. Punjab National Bank

B. State Bank of India

C. HDFC Bank


Answer: Option B

The official Mascot of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 is;

A. Son of Dreams

 B. Speed Tiger

C. Champ the Husky

D. Boss Hogg

Answer: Option A

How many agreements where signed between India and UK recentky?

A. 12

B. 8

C. 10

D. 6

Answer: Option C

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