India’s Foreign Policy Priorities with Russia and US

India’s Foreign Policy Priorities

India has always had good relations with Russia. In fact, India was the first country to give such a strong backing to Russia in its pursuit of Crimea by statingthat Russia has ‘legitimate interest’ in Ukraine. India is very intent on maintaining healthy relations with Moscow, but it should make sure it does not get dragged in the tiff between U.S and (more…)


Current Affairs Foreign Policy and Ayakudi Group IV Model Question

The Bangladeshi government has recently enjoyed good support from India, and the same can be said about its relations with superpowers like Russia and China. Bangladesh plays a crucial geopolitical role, so having strong ties with it would help India to gain superiority in the region. Bangladesh though, seems to be playing it smart by not (more…)


India Foreign Policy Priorities and TNPSC Group IV Model Question

I ndia’s international relations varied over the years after independence. During cold war era, India remained nonaligned. However, it was unable to prevent Cold War politics from becoming intertwined with interstate relations in South Asia. In the 1980s, India improved relations with the United States, other developed countries and China while continuing close ties with the Soviet Union. Its relations with its South Asian neighbours, especially Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal remained topsy-turvy. (more…)


National Cyber Security Policy and 6th Tamil QA mp3

Cyber crimes are fast developing as potential threats not only to normal internet users, but even to a country’s security and economy. With the advancement in technology, the ways to conduct cyber crimes are also becoming more advanced and lethal. It has been reported that as many as 308,371 Indian websites were hacked between 2011 and 2013, and worryingly, 78 of those were government websites. Hacking critical government websites can leak highly (more…)


Current Affairs and Ayakudi Tamil Model Question 02.10.2016

The foundation stone laid for Bennett University in UP

Bennett University, promoted by the Times of India Group has been approved ordinance to
dig roots in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida, on 11 th August.

As an initiative to invite eminent institutions and groups to set up academic skill – based
schools and colleges, the UP Government has taken a welcome step in this direction. (more…)


Current Affairs People & Ayakudi TNPSC Group IV Model Question 02.10.2016

Premji, Nadar: World’s richest!
*Despite a tumultuous year for the stock market, the tech tycoons had a gala time.
*The titans on Forbes second annual list of the world richest in technology are worth a
combined $892 billion, six per cent more, than a year ago.
*Wipro Chairman Azim Premji and HCL co-founder Shiv Nadar are the only two billionaires
from India in Forbes list of the world’s 100 richest people in technology, ranking in the top (more…)

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Walmart joins hands with for retail expertise and General Knowledge

Walmart joins hands with for retail expertise
• On 8th August, was acquired by e – commerce giant, Walmart, for a whopping $3.3 bn
• The objective of this acquisition will facilitate Walmart’s business operations, site, stores, Walmart app and provide infrastructural impetus. (more…)

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