Tips & Techniques English for SSC and Ayakudi Group 1 Model Question


Passive voice is used when the focus is on the action; not on who or what is performing the action. In passive voice, the object of a verb appears to perform an action so that the effect of that action appears to fall on the subject. In active voice, the subject of a verb performs an action. The effect of the action may or may not fall on an object, that is, the verb may or may not have an object. (more…)


TNPSC Group 1 Model Exam Part 1 18.12.2016

Valley unrest hits intel gathering

As per the account of senior official from Home Ministry, the three-month unrest within the geographical area vale created a large vacuum for intelligence. This has motor-assisted the attack on the military base in Uri.
Several areas of geographical area are put to sleep curfew. This affected movement of informers. This result in the shortage of intelligence inputs or data on the Uri attack.
The prolonged curfew restrained the movement of informers to succeed in bent their handlers. (more…)


Current Affairs & TET Model Question

Who has been appointed as the Non-Executive Director of the TATA International Limited with effect from 1st August
(a) Jothi Premnarayen (b) Deepak Premnarayen
(c) Mohit Premnarayen (d) Rohit Premnarayen
(e) None of these
Aadi Peruku is celebrated in which state?
(a) Karnataka (b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Kerala (d) Tamil Nadu
(e) None of these (more…)

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