Quantitative Aptitude Model Question

IBPS Banking Terminology & TNPSC Model Question 27.11.2016

23. The terms “bull” and “bear” are used in the : (a) Bihar Government’s Animal Husbandry Department (b) Income Tax Department (c) CBI (d) Stock Exchange (e) None of these

TNPSC Maths Notes & IBPS Banking Terminology

A letter of credit (L(C) wherein the credit available to the customer gets reinstated after the bill is paid is known as? (a) Back to back LC (b) Red clause LC (c) Back to front LC (d) Revolving LC (e) None of these

Peacetime Gallantry Awards

Peacetime Gallantry Awards Ashoka Chakra It is India’s highest peacetime military decoration awarded for valor, courageous action or self-sacrifice away from the battlefield.   The award was formerly established on 4 January 1952 as the “Ashoka Chakra, Class I”.

TNPSC Group IV General Tamil Model Question and Padma Awards

Padma Awards Padma Vibhushan • It is the second highest civilian award in India after Bharat Ratna. It was established on 2nd January 1954. • It is awarded to recognize a person’s exceptional and distinguished service to the nation in any field, including government services without distinction…